At JP Lin Law Professional Corporation, we help clients going through family difficulties find resolution to their problems. We can listen to your situation, advise you about your rights and options under Ontario family law, and answer your questions.

Even the most amicable separation can become confusing and complicated without legal guidance. We can provide clarity and give you practical solutions to help you through this difficult time.

Markham Family And Divorce Law

Our Markham family lawyer can:

  • Negotiate and draft marriage contracts
  • Provide Independent Legal Advice (ILA) for agreements drafted by another lawyer
  • Help you resolve issues relating to your will after separation
  • Negotiate and draft separation agreements that settle issues of property division, child custody, child support and spousal support

Negotiating separation agreements can be a difficult, emotional process for you and your family. However, it does not need to involve a long, expensive court battle. Despite your differences, you can work together and decide for yourselves how you will deal with one another, instead of fighting it out in court and having a stranger impose decisions on you.

Our preferred method to help you take control of your future is Collaborative Family Law (CFL).

In CFL, both parties, supported by their lawyers, recognize each other's interests and concerns and create an agreement together. CFL lawyers set up a series of four-way meetings to negotiate issues respectfully and co-operatively. The meetings have a clear agenda, and the lawyers are there to keep the focus on resolution and to remind their clients of their rights and responsibilities.

The aim is to create an agreement that is fair and flexible and designed to work for a long time.

The process requires honesty and commitment. All sides agree that if CFL does not work, new lawyers will be hired before going to court. This motivates everyone to concentrate on resolving issues, rather than scoring points or preparing for a court battle.

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the issues, but it's generally far less expensive and much faster than going to court.

Our aim is to help clients maintain their dignity and prepare for the future, rather than getting stuck fighting over the past.

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